A kayaker’s flat-pack meal

Simple flatbread is popular where packing efficiency is key for kayaks. Containing less air, it lasts longer and packs better.

Pita is the bread of antiquity, a staple foodstuff that has remained so throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East since the dawn of time.

And, sitting on the cliff-tops of Mull looking out to Staffa, that feels appropriate – aside from the occasional passing fishing boat on the horizon, this view has not changed in hundreds of thousands of years.

Pita is a bread well suited for wild camping and sea kayaking tours as, having little shape to lose, it is almost indestructible.

Flat bread, including wraps, are versatile and can be used to house scrambled egg in the morning or fried for croutons in a warming soup in the evenings and, importantly, it lasts for a much longer period of time than risen equivalents.

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