With a black and white screen, iPhone at last comes of age

With original iPhone batteries lasting just 8 hours, the Achilles heeled mobile was unreliable for communication in remote areas.

Around that time, when working in advertising, one of my clients manufactured batteries for the military and it was he who made me aware of the facts surrounding digital displays, LED screen power usage and energy conservation.

Colourful Tweet

The modern soldier, far more concerned with equipment reliability than the colour of his Tweets, uses black and white digital display screens because batteries last 7 times longer in this colour mode.

Full colour screens, using power intensive red, green and blue (RGB) colour display are amazingly power hungry and this is of no use during an expedition into wild and remote areas. Or indeed if Russia‘s tanks come trundling over the horizon.

Octane long petitioned Apple for a black and white screen display preference setting and colour mode to aid with battery life conservation on prolonged expeditions in remote areas. After many emploring letters, which may equally have caused Apple‘s moment of enlightenment as they may have sat unopened in the ‘Cool ideas dept.’, Apple at last incorporated the function to its iPhone 6.


The iPhone X power pack seems so far to be a remarkably resilient and reliable piece of kit. Using both Low Power Mode and Greyscale Screen Colour Mode and by closing all unused apps and switching on and off to receive and send messages the X’s power can confidently be eeked out over a week–long period.

The Achilles heel has become more of a bionic implant. Hail Apple!

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