Gastro camp recipes – Seaweed rosti with baked trout + wild garlic

With ocean fresh* caught fish and some beautifully foraged sea lettuce, all that’s required from the dark recesses beyond the bulkhead are potatoes, eggs and a fresh chilli.

This hearty filling warmer is quick and simple way to make a quick and easy meal using limited ingredients, providing of course a fish can be found.

Recipe feeds four.

Fish ingredients

– Four sea trout
– 1 x lemon
– Fresh wild thyme
– Butter
– Ramsons wild garlic

Rosti ingredients

– Six large baking potatoes
Sea lettuce or gut weed of similar quantity (rinse, repeat and wash)
– Half a tablespoon of flour per potato
– 3 eggs
Salt and pepper
Oil for frying
– 1 x red chilli, chopped
– Pinch of paprika

Instructions: Seaweed rosti

  1. Peel and grate uncooked potato
  2. Boil seaweed in salted water for 1 minute to soften
  3. Remove seaweed using a slotted spoon + drain excess water + pat dry
  4. Mix grated potato, seaweed, flour, egg, flour, chilli + paprika in a bowl
  5. Add extra flour until mix binds and a firm patty is formed
  6. Make patties about 1cm thick + fry in oil until golden brown
  7. Serve while hot with either sour cream, mayonnaise or aioli

Instructions: Sea trout

  1. Stuff cavities with quarter lemonfresh wild thyme, butter + wild garlic
  2. Wrap fish individually in tin foil
  3. Place on embers, turning each 5 min until no translucent flesh visible


– Francis Bunker, Seaweeds of Britain

– Caroline Warwick-Evans and Tim van Berkel, The Seaweed Cookbook: A guide to edible seaweeds + how to cook with them

Three Hungry Boys

*The term fresh fish is of course relative. On the high-street, at supermarkets and in city restaurants fresh fish really means days old. When patiently waiting for your number to be called at the fish-counter, be ready to ask where your fish is from and how many days ago it was likely caught. Supermarkets invent terms to suit their needs and, as a discerning consumer, it really is your right to challenge nonsense.

At Octane we have made a new, differentiated and entirely transparent definition – Ocean fresh. Simply put, it means caught and eaten same-day.

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