Chorizo, the fridgeless expedition wonder

Chorizo’s coming about as a provision well suited to extended expeditions is due to the preservation qualities of the spices within.

Chorizo is an intensely flavoured hard Spanish sausage made using pork and, richly seasoned with smoked paprika, garlic, and salt, it’s delicious raw.

Deep flavour

However, when cooked, the oils and paprika diffuse and intensify to create a deeply rich and salty flavour.

Every boat

Chorizo can be finely chopped into scrambled eggs for breakfast or sauté sliced with kale, samphire or seaweed as a dish with rice. Chorizo is the perfect addition to staple camp recipes such as arrabiata but can equally be enjoyed lightly fried until crisp to enhance soups, stews, salads and rice dishes. A couple of recipe suggestions using chorizo follow, one warming stew and the other a salad:

Tender summer squid with chorizo + aioli
– Squid + chorizo with rice, beetroot + apple
– Squid, chickpea + chorizo salad

Under wraps

Indeed every boat, however small, should stow a large chorizo under the deck cover. But keep chorizo dry and well wrapped – the rigours of kayak confinement will otherwise surely challenge it’s hard earned reputation for endurance.

Keep one onboard, sometimes there’s just no guarantee of fish.

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