Nature calling – relief in a kayak at sea

When the Almighty made sea kayakers equal it was not without prejudice for, when needing to pee at sea, women should read the small print.

On a sea kayak expedition in remote areas where safe pull outs are hours apart it is important to relieve oneself safely whilst in the saddle so to speak. The operation is carried out safely and on a daily basis by fighter pilots, racing drivers and astronauts all over the world and, when making good progress on a route, stopping on shore is not always practical.

Call of nature

Male sea kayakers have an easy task peeing into a bottle flushed overboard. The only complicating factor is kayak clothing – an all in one wetsuit makes life a little difficult and this is why many sea kayakers wear wetsuit bottoms separately or dry suits with a zip fitted.

Occasional gadget

Female sea kayakers face a more complicated task but, to make it a level playing field, there are techniques and devices available to help ease the process.

Thanks to festival-goers, increasing female numbers in the military, campers and kayakers, enough demand exists for stand-to-pee devices (STP) products such as Lady J, Freshette, GoGirl, PStyle, SheWee or Travelmate to be developed for the purpose. reviews all female urination devices, written by a woman.


If kayaking at sea and without such a device there is a technique which works well among friends. Pull two kayaks alongside each other and, whilst the other paddler holds the boats parallel to each other, the female needing to pee turns to face the stern, puts one leg onto the other boat’s deck and squats between the two boats. The spray deck provides privacy and the sea a perfect bidet.

Keeping a look out

The other kayaker, being less involved and infinitely more relaxed, simply keeps an open eye for passing boats filled with long lensed whale watching tourists.


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