Connected to the merry-go-round

Embracing wilderness living isn’t the shunning of urban progress but more the re-establishing of all that has been lost on the way.

Connecting has been a mantra since the 1960s and during the latter part of the last century – immigration connected cultures, hippies connected consciousness, cheap travel connected countries and technology connected communications – cultures seem to be speaking.

Off grid

However, there is a recent trend to disconnect as seen in the popularity of an ever-growing off-grid eco movement with the advent of green micro-power generation technologies.

A movement sometimes embraced by those allergic to society, a fondness for knits and an ever expectant eye for the day of the reaping but, rest assured, also embraced by progressive entrepreneurs.

Wilderness expeditions

Octane is an off-grid modern expedition company and we embrace technological progress to fulfil our function. Being off-grid, it can be a challenge accessing wilderness islands beyond the horizon, so we use some of the world’s most innovative expedition kit to make it all happen.

Camping equipment

We will review the best expedition and camping kit, gizmos and modern technologies in the coming months and outline what does and doesn’t work for those planning wilderness expeditions and adventures.

Perhaps we’ll reconnect soon…

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