Sea kayak day kit list

For a kayaking day trip to remote wilderness bays, beaches or islands the kit list is much reduced compared with a multi-day expedition. Some items for comfort, some for safety and some for sanity but all absolutely vital.

A typical one-day kayak expedition requires a standard provisions and equipment list – in my experience bye-passing lists invites problems and forgotten items. Even on shorter day trips, there is always time to hang a line to catch lunch or dive for a scallop or two so, even though they add bulk, I never go anywhere without a rod, a wetsuit and a crab hook.

The kit list for a day kayak expedition is divided into categories as follows: paddle, sustenance, cook, shelter and emergency:

Kayak day kit list – paddling

  1. Folding Kayak
  2. Paddle, spare paddle
  3. Spray deck
  4. Cagoule
  5. Hot / cold drink, energy bars + water
  6. Compass, tide chart, sea chart, map in waterproof wallet
  7. PFD, whistle
  8. Dry bags, karabiners + bungees
  9. Binoculars
  10. Sunglasses, hat, paddling gloves, sun cream, lip salve
  11. 15m throw line, anchor
  12. Wetsuit + conditioner
  13. Camera

Kayak day kit list – sustenance

1. Short kayak rod, shore rod, reels + line
2. Tackle box (line, hooks, wedges, plugs, feather mackerel rigs, spinners, luminous squid, beads, snap swivels, split rings, bait wire, lead sink weights, beach cast weights, floats, balloons, bait)
3. Penknife multi-tool, Sheath knife
4. Goggles, dive socks, gloves, fins
5. Dive belt + weights
6. Dive knife, crab hook

Kayak day kit list – cooking

1. Kelly kettle, mug, pan
2. Lighter, windproof matches
3. Pre-prepared pine fire feather sticks + tinder
4. Collapsible coffee filter
5. Powdered milk, ground coffee, tea, sugar
6. Lunch

Kayak day kit list – shelter

1. Tarp
2. Bungees, para chord, gaffer tape, tent pegs
3. Folding spade, loo paper
4. Dry bags, plastic sacks
5. Travel towel
6. 1 x set dry clothes
7. Midge net, smoke coils, deet, anti-histamine

Kayak day kit list – emergency

  1. VHF radio, batteries
  2. Rocket flare, hand held flares, waterproof location light
  3. Phone, waterproof phone case, solar charger
  4. First aid kit
  5. Water purification tablets
  6. Repair kit
  7. Whistle
  8. Towline
  9. Pump
  10. Torch, batteries
  11. Money

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