The whole is greater than the sum of its byte sized bits

In a world where our time and attention is fractured into smaller and smaller chunks, I am grateful to satellite broadband – uploading post snippets to the www via orbiting satellites receiving my byte-sized bits.

A byte at a time I blog with the outside world. The island is otherwise accessible when the tide goes out to reveal a connecting causeway. It’s a six mile walk across an island with no cars or roads to get to the causeway.

The island itself is off the grid and has no mains electricity, water, gas, internet, telephone or cellular reception and it is little wonder the population is 2.5 (myself being a part-timer). But belonging is not byte-sized and requires wholehearted endeavour in investing one’s time to earn trust. To belong is to be longed for and nobody longs for a part-timer.

The more time I spend on this island the more I come to love it. Off-grid, primal, terrifying, wild, beautiful. Today I am diving for Dulce. 

Dulce is not the name of an underwater wreck of a cargo ship and neither is it the name of a fair-faced mermaid waiting for me at the reef off Eileen an EoinDulce is a beautiful seaweed so fine and delicate it allows streaming light from the surface to pass through its paper like fronds – making them the brightest of lime-green stained-glass windows to the underwater seascape beyond.

What’s more, Dulce is delicious and tonight we eat home smoked mackerel with Hebridean horseradish sauce on a bed of roasted seaweed with rice. I’m longing for that.

But now it’s time to upload my bits. Or bytes, I’m never sure which.


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