VHF Radio

Having the ability to speak with any vessel in the vicinity is a great safety asset to any sea kayaker or wilderness expeditioner.

Anyone exploring wilderness and remote areas should be aware of the limitations of a VHF marine transceiver. They are generally a line of site communicator and from a kayak the horizon is only three miles away. A ship’s radio mast however is often a few metres higher so the range is often greater.

Mine is robust, waterproof and with a long battery life. It works in the rain and in the snow with no problems. It has a battery life indicator, a power save function and a clever gizmo that ejects water from the speaker grill using low frequency sound. Most crucially for kayaking the radio is submersible.

It is important to always use multiple methods of communication in remote areas. For this reason I have a mobile phone (using the Vodafone – the best cellular network provider for the area), a satellite phone, flares, torches, a whistle and a mirror.